Summer residence of Mitrovsky in Brno

  • Physical difficulty: Easy
  • Length: up to 45 min
  • Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

Last garden villa in Moravia

Right next to the extensive grounds of the Brno Exhibition Center is a romantic chateau - Mitrovský Letohrádek.

It was built by Antonín Arnošt - a member of the Count Mitrovský family - at the turn of the 80s and 90s of the 18th century. The style of the building is both late Baroque - in terms of ground plan and strict symmetry as well as early Classicist. At that time, it was the fashionable and decorative style of Louis XVI, which manifested itself in the interiors themselves, of which the unique fresco decoration with the views of remote landscapes with numerous exotic palm trees, flowers, birds and other fauna (including monkeys, for example) symbols.

Mitrovsky Summer Palace will enchant any lovers of history, travel, architectural styles, but also a romantic period of time. The only Summer Palace in Moravia - formerly the garden casino and the dominating gardens of the Mitrovský family - offers beautiful interiors, plenty of cultural and social events, but also the possibility of a castle-style wedding (and under palm trees) without having to leave the city.

For more information, visit the Mitrovsky Letohrádek website.

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